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Make your tools from wood, its warm and fuzzy.

Other Stuff

This page contains some Stuff the I think  is pretty neat and you might agree. If you don't just don't tell everyone!

This is a   display stand I made from an old weathered piece of black walnut root loaded with duck calls most if which were turned or finished in 2014. Check Working Calls for individual photos and descriptions.

Here's a group of  calls all turne from Walnut crotch wood.


I had a couple of caps lettered as you see, one of which I wear and this one I'm sending to a collector who has a dozen or more of my calls. I'm also sending the call, which was made as part of a call making demo I did for a turning club and finished up just recently.

I named this the "silver dollar box" which I entered in a competition in 2013 at the Northwest Woodworkers Gallery in Seattle. It was honored as the runner up to the people's choice among the hundred or so boxes entered in the show.

This is an Urn I designed and turned at the request of a good friend.

Here's a couple of examples of segmented vessels I've made. You'll find several segmented duck calls on the page of fancy calls and an article about building one entitled Building Aztec.


Here's a  collection of calls all turned from Walnut crotch wood.


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