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Shown below are a number working duck calls tuned to be especially attractive to call-shy birds.Unless marked otherwise, they are still for sale. All are priced at $40.00 each. which includes postage. I also offer a life-time  "money-back" guarantee (my lifetime that is and you should know I'm 73 years old so this ain't worth much). If for any reason whatsoever you are dissatisfied with a call you buy, send it back for a full refund. Yes, you'll have  to send it back (broken when you ran over it with your truck is OK, just send back the pieces). I can not pay for a lost call. OK - here goes:

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A few Years ago my youngest brother called and said his neighbor had just cut down a big black walnut tree and asked if I wanted some of it. I grabbed my chain saw and hit the road. By the time I got there only the crotches were left, all the saw logs had been cut out and hauled away. I was able to cut several big crotches and back at my shop I cut them for matched pistol grips and duck call blanks. Now dried and trimmed of cracks and splits, I'm turning some of the best



This   call has been kicking around for a few years. At one time I had a large inventory of this figured Maple - which I call fiddle-back, but I like it so well, I've nearly used it all. The Black Walnut stopper is ordinary stuff and I don't remember where it came from. This call also has an African Blackwood toneboard.

Osage Orange


There's a st0ry behind my Osage Orange calls. Seems the local National Wildlife Area folks decided the Osage Orange was not a native species in central Oregon's desert so they hired a logger to cut and pile the 14-18 inch diameter trees for burning. But a friend of mine who makes long bows from the stuff suggested we help ourselves to some prime logs. So under cover of darkness we retrieved a pickup load just ahead of the match. The split logs gave him many clear pieces 6+ feet long for making bows and I have a huge inventory of duck and goose call material.



I've  turned a couple of Black and White Ebony calls and this one is number 07-2014. It has an African Blackwood toneboard.



This call is turned from Moutain Mahogany. a small shurb-like tree that grows above 4,000 feet in the Western mountains. Because the timbers are so small, sap wood and bark incursions often show up in the completed call.



Here's another Mountain Mahogany call turned entirely from the heart wood. While Mountain Mahogany is very hard and I think would make very suitable toneboards, nonetheless these two calls both have african Blackwood toneboards.